• Our Mission, Vision & Core Values

The Primary Health Network, a Federally Qualified Health Center, provides quality primary care services and access to specialty care commensurate with the needs of the people in the communities we serve. Services are offered regardless of age, race, creed, sex, national origin or ability to pay.

The Primary Health Network is first in offering quality care and caring to patients in your communities. The Primary Health Network is a leader among health centers through its commitment to developing innovative programs, new technologies and excellent facilities.

  • Demonstrate and improve QUALITY throughout the patient experience
  • Show COMPASSION for fellow employees, patients, and community
  • Maintain HONESTY and INTEGRITY throughout all of our interactions
  • Strive to be an INNOVATOR in the healthcare industry

The top of every good foundation is supported by a solid foundation. Nobody is capable of starting at the top. It's time and attention we spend learning and working our way up from the bottom that molds us into a great leader.

- Drew C. Pierce, Primary Health Network CEO

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