* Refers to all information that is required to be filled out in order to be considered to receive a scholarship.

Personal Information (Step 1/4)

Please include contact information for a parent or guardian in order to ensure proper communication throughout the application process if applicable:

Education (Step 2/4)

Must presently be in one of the below educational years to be considered for PHNCF Scholarships

Employment (Step 3/4)

Past Employment: Please list your most recent places of employment (if applicable).

Application Review and Submittal (Step 4/4)

Are you a child, step-child, or spouse of a current PHN/PHNCF employee or board member in good standing?

Does your essay include describing an extreme obstacle you have faced, how you have overcome it, and how this obstacle has pushed you to pursue your education?

Please make sure your essay does not contain any personal information such as SSN, name, address, phone number, etc.

I hereby acknowledge the information provided is accurate to the best of my knowledge. I confirm that I have not included any personal details (SSN, name, address, phone numbers) in my essay. I accept responsibility for complying with Academic Awards guidelines. In addition, I give my permission for the information to be shared with donors, to be released to newspapers, and used in school promotions.

If student is under 18: