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Blueberry Jalapeño Salsa

Published: Feb 7 2022 | Under: Nutrition | Tags: , ,

🌶 Want to try a twist on traditional salsa, try this Blueberry Jalapeño Salsa recipe! A sweet and spicy salsa that will give your taste buds a slight kick but be so refreshing at the same time. 🌶 Ingredients: 2 medium tomatoes 1 cup of fresh or frozen wild blueberries ¾ cup chopped sweet onion […]

Are You Getting Enough Vitamin D?

Published: Jan 25 2022 | Under: Health | Tags: ,

A helpful guide to maintaining healthy vitamin D levels Vitamin D plays an important role in our body’s regulation of calcium and phosphorous, factors which are essential for maintaining healthy bones. Our bodies produce vitamin D as a response to sun exposure. As we are in the midst of winter, a season when days are […]

Living with Less: Benefits of a Minimalist Lifestyle

Published: Oct 21 2016 | Under: Lifestyle | Tags: , , , ,

Living the minimalist lifestyle

Are you familiar with the new lifestyle trend called “minimalism”? The concept of minimalism encourages people to live with less – fewer material possessions, less debt, and less clutter. We are exposed to countless advertisements each day telling us we need to buy certain things to be happy; minimalists ignore these messages and only live […]

Tips to Prevent the Cold and Flu

Published: Jan 8 2016 | Under: Health | Tags: , , ,

It’s peak cold and flu season, and waking up with a runny nose or a fever is the last thing you want to happen when it’s already cold and miserable outside. Fortunately, there are several actions you can take to prevent the cold and flu:• Diet and exercise: Eating right and staying active can help […]

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