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Community Health Center Continues to Support Patients Through Testing Supply Program

Published: Mar 10 2022 | Under: Community Health PHN Update Prevention | Tags: , ,

In just one month, Primary Health Network (PHN), Pennsylvania’s largest community health center, has distributed over 8,000 at-home rapid COVID-19 tests across their service areas. Tests were provided free of charge to the community through the Health Resources and Services Administration’s (HRSA) COVID-19 Testing Supply Program. Across the country, many Americans are having difficulty accessing […]

PHN Podcast: PSU Cancer Screening

Published: Feb 1 2021 | Under: Health Prevention | Tags:

Primary Health Network’s Chief Medical Officer Dr. George Garrow talks with Jennifer Moss, PhD from Penn State University about their collaboration on cancer screening in rural communities. Some of the topics they discuss include: The collaboration between Primary Health Network and Penn State University on a new cancer screening study Common barriers to cancer screening […]

PHN Podcast: The Importance of Childhood Immunizations

Published: Dec 3 2020 | Under: Health Parenting PHN Podcast Prevention | Tags:

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to alarming declines in well-child visits and routine immunization rates. This raises the risk for outbreaks and places further strain on our nation’s health care system. To increase the awareness of childhood immunizations, Dr. Garrow, PHN’s Chief Medical Officer, and Dr. John Cunningham, PHN Pediatrician, discuss and provide information on: […]

The Importance of Immunizations at Every Age

Published: Sep 25 2020 | Under: Prevention | Tags:

Vaccination is crucial in both infancy/early childhood and into adulthood. Not only do vaccines protect you, they also are a critical component of public health.

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