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Smoothie Mania: Are Smoothies a Healthy Choice?

Published: Nov 29 2017 | Under: Fitness Health Lifestyle Nutrition Prevention | Tags:

Smoothies have become an increasingly popular choice for folks looking for a fast alternative for breakfast and between-meal snacks. Simply blend frozen fruit, yogurt and ice, and you’ve got a tasty and seemingly healthy treat! Many people associate smoothies with a healthier diet and attribute health benefits to their use. As with most things in […]

Falling Leaves

Published: Oct 20 2017 | Under: Fitness Health Lifestyle Prevention Safety | Tags:

With the weather cooling off, many of us are looking up at the trees, watching the changing colors of the leaves. They might be pretty now, but we all know that soon, the ground will be covered with them. When this happens, we’ll put on a coat or sweater, grab a rake, and start on […]

Simple Ways to Reduce Stress

Published: Oct 9 2017 | Under: Fitness Health Lifestyle Prevention | Tags:

Running late. Paying bills. Moving. Caring for an elderly parent. These are all events that can cause stress. Some stress in life is normal and even beneficial, as it helps us adapt and better respond to difficult situations. But left unchecked, stress can cause many physical problems. The American Institute of Stress lists 50 common […]

Bad Breakfast – Fast Food Drinks to Avoid

Published: Sep 13 2017 | Under: Fitness Health Lifestyle Nutrition Prevention | Tags:

You’ve probably heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It starts your metabolism, helps energize you, and gets you ready for the day. Many of us stop to grab a coffee or some other fast food drink for breakfast in the morning. However, there are some that you should avoid if […]

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