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  • Winter is Coming: Prepare Your Car for the Cold

    Published: Nov 8 2017 | Under: General Healthy Tips Lifestyle Safety Technology | Tags:


    While cooler temperatures mean Thanksgiving and Christmas are right around the corner, it also means the roads will soon be getting more dangerous. With winter comes ice and snow, both of which raise a number of risks while driving. However, there are things you can do to winterize your vehicle. It’s an important part of […]

    Forward and Back: The Effects of Daylight Savings Time

    Published: Nov 1 2017 | Under: General Health Healthy Tips Lifestyle Prevention | Tags:


    Like many people, you might be looking forward to “falling” back an hour on November 5th. Whether you have more time to get stuff done before bed, or you just use it as an extra hour of sleep, the ending of Daylight Savings Time (DST) seems to be an easier adjustment than the beginning. But […]

    PHN Physician Retiring from Obstetric Services

    Published: Oct 25 2017 | Under: General Physicians | Tags:

    Primary Health Network physician Dr. John Gallagher has been providing obstetric/gynecological care in the Shenango Valley for 30 years. Dr. Gallagher moved to the area in the 1980s to complete his Public Health Service commitment at the newly formed Primary Health Network (PHN), which began offering OB/GYN services in 1987. At the time, PHN consisted […]

    Mammogram Programs in Pennsylvania

    Published: Oct 24 2017 | Under: General Health Medicine Prevention | Tags:

    woman-bench-stand-by-blonde-157622 Resized

    When it comes to breast cancer, early detection of the disease is crucial for the best chance of survival and remission. A mammogram is an x-ray of the breast that checks for breast cancer in women who have no signs or symptoms. According to the American Cancer Society, women ages 40-44 should have the choice […]

    Falling Leaves

    Published: Oct 20 2017 | Under: Fitness General Health Healthy Tips Lifestyle Prevention Safety | Tags:

    pexels-photo-265519 Resized

    With the weather cooling off, many of us are looking up at the trees, watching the changing colors of the leaves. They might be pretty now, but we all know that soon, the ground will be covered with them. When this happens, we’ll put on a coat or sweater, grab a rake, and start on […]

    Red or White? The Benefits and Risks of Drinking Wine

    Published: Oct 12 2017 | Under: General Health Healthy Tips Lifestyle Nutrition Prevention | Tags:

    pexels-photo-374073 Resized

    After a long or stressful day, many of us enjoy sitting down at home with a glass of wine. For hundreds of years, wine has been used as a home remedy for various conditions. Some studies show that wine is connected to helping increase HDL blood cholesterol levels, while also stopping bad cholesterol from forming. […]

    Simple Ways to Reduce Stress

    Published: Oct 9 2017 | Under: Fitness General Health Healthy Tips Lifestyle Prevention | Tags:


    Running late. Paying bills. Moving. Caring for an elderly parent. These are all events that can cause stress. Some stress in life is normal and even beneficial, as it helps us adapt and better respond to difficult situations. But left unchecked, stress can cause many physical problems. The American Institute of Stress lists 50 common […]

    Farm Fresh: Why Farmers Markets Matter

    Published: Oct 4 2017 | Under: General Health Healthy Tips Lifestyle Nutrition Prevention | Tags:


    Around this time of year, you might notice more local fruit and vegetable stands popping up around your neighborhood. This is also a good time of year for the local Farmers Market. But is there really that much of a difference between these local growers and your neighborhood grocery store? These are just some of […]

    Picky Eaters – Part 3

    Published: Oct 4 2017 | Under: General Health Healthy Tips Lifestyle Nutrition Parenting Prevention | Tags:


    Dr. Corinne Brooks has been sharing her tips on how to help children who are picky eaters – in the last installment of our series, she discusses dessert, older picky eaters, and how busy parents can put easy, healthy meals on the table! Does the threat of withholding dessert or TV if they don’t eat […]

    The Wheels on the Bus: School Bus Laws in PA

    Published: Sep 29 2017 | Under: General Safety | Tags:


    Now that kids are heading back to school, we’re all seeing those familiar yellow vehicles filling the roads. School buses are a major convenience for parents who couldn’t otherwise take their kids to school, saving us time and money. In fact, 1.5 million children are transported on school buses in PA each day, and these […]

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