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Collaborative Care Services

The Collaborative Care Model strives to improve the communication and relationships between the primary care provider and mental health providers. In this service, we will be integrating Collaborative Care Specialists (LCSW, LPC, or LMFT) into our medical care team. The Collaborative Care Specialist (CCS) will be introduced into services when the primary care provider feels that the patient would benefit from further mental health treatment. At that time the CCS will be able to further assess patient needs and provide immediate short term interventions and referrals to community services. Multiple evidenced based assessment tools will be used to determine symptoms and levels of anxiety, depression, mood disorders, and trauma. In addition, the collaborative care specialist will consult with a psychiatric provider on a regular and routine basis regarding potential treatment. All patients referred to collaborative care specialists will be managed and tracked for outcomes and the need for any further specialty referrals.

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