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ENHANCED Primary Care Medical Home program (EPCMH)

COVID-19 has temporarily changed our sense of normalcy and the way our patients receive the quality care they deserve. Because patients may be apprehensive to seek primary care services during this time, PHN has created a program aimed to protect those most at risk by enhancing our approach to the Primary Care Medical Home program.

The EPCMH program is made up of a team of nurses who are providing proactive outreach to high risk or vulnerable patient populations. The concept of the program is to minimize delays in scheduling patients who are most in need with their preferred PHN primary care provider. During the screening process, patients are assured that their care is being met and are also screened for socioeconomic barriers and other potential health risks, such as behavioral health needs. The communication process is simple yet concrete. Patients are screened via phone, educated and if necessary-scheduled for further follow-up with their established care team.

Our Mission

Empower patients to take control of their health.


All care teams within the medical home are led and held accountable by their provider. The care team engages patients through personalized education, enabling patients to become healthier and more involved residents of the medical neighborhood.


  1. Patient-Centered Care: Personalized, relationship-based care
  2. Comprehensive Care: Multidisciplinary, team-based care that helps patients prevent disease, recover from disease, and reduce the negative effects of disease
  3. Coordinated Care: Referrals are appropriate and timely, and all patient care is tracked and followed up on
  4. Care Continuity: All care providers that see our patients have access to the information they need
  5. Accessible Care: Care teams are available to patients 24/7, in person, over the phone, or electronically
  6. Quality and Safe Care: Clinical decisions are supported by reputable resources, and all aspects of performance are continuously improved

Primary Care Medical Home is a Team Effort

The "medical home" (PCMH) model is a way to practice health care. It is a team effort that involves all staff, patients, and caregivers. Every staff member you talk to during your visit is a member of your care team.

You are also a member of your care team. You decide how your care is managed when you're in the office, and you self-manage your care when you’re out of the office.

Providers Lead the Care Teams

A provider is a doctor, a nurse practitioner, or a physician's assistant. The providers who work at your office have their information posted in the office and on our website.

Your provider is responsible for how well your care team works. If your care team can help you better, in any way, please let your provider know.

Types of Providers Leading our Care Teams:

  • Family Medicine (General Health)
  • Internal Medicine (Adult Health)
  • Pediatrics (Child Health)
  • Gynecology (Women's Health)

Types of Care Team Members

not all may be present at your office

  • Provider
  • Nurse
  • Medical Assistant
  • Front Office Assistant
  • Care Coordinator
  • Health Coach

Patient Health is Our Top Priority

If you have an urgent care need, you can call the office at any time for advice.

If you need an appointment, we will do our best to fit you into the schedule the same day you call or the next business day.

Patients Receive All Appropriate Care

We are able to meet a wide variety of health needs. If we do not offer the care you need, we will do our best to refer you to an affordable provider in your area.

If you would like a second opinion for any reason, please let us know, and we will do our best to refer you to another provider in your area.

If you are transferred or referred to another provider, we will be in contact with that provider to help keep your medical record accurate.

Online Patient Portal

Through the online Patient Portal, you can access your health information, request a prescription renewal, and pay bills. Visit to sign up for secure access. The portal is free for PHN patients.

Patients Play an Important Role

Tell us if you cannot see or hear the information that we give you, or if you do not understand everything that we tell you.

Be open and honest during your visit. This will help make sure that your treatment plan fits your personal needs.

Patients Provide Helpful Information

If you went to the hospital or an urgent care clinic, or if you changed what medications you take, let us know. This will help make sure your medical record is accurate and complete.

If you would like extra help with a health problem, please let us know. We will help you set a long-term goal and develop a strategy to achieve it.

Let us know if there are any barriers preventing you from following your treatment plan or achieving your goals.

If you see any areas for improvement, we would like to hear your ideas. If you would like to know what improvement projects we are already working on, just ask.

If you need to change your primary care provider for any reason, please let us know, and we will help you through the process.

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