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If you are experiencing a medical emergency, call 911 or visit the nearest emergency room immediately. If you are in need of scheduling an appointment, seeking medical advice, or in need of a prescription refill, please contact your office directly.

If you feel that Primary Health Network has fallen short of our promise and principles, please let us know by calling (866) 276-7018 or Contact Us online.

At The Primary Health Network, we pride ourselves in not only offering you prompt and professional health services that is tailored to meet your individual needs, but also in offering our patients exceptional customer service as well. This is Primary Health Network's promise to you:

At all times, we will:

  • provide professional, courteous and helpful service.
  • deal with any/all enquiries in a positive and quick manner.
  • provide clear and accurate information.
  • listen to and respond to patient needs.
  • treat everyone fairly, with openness and honesty.
  • keep patient details and records confidential.
  • continuously strive to improve or exceed our service standards.

Our staff will:

  • be professional, courteous and helpful at all times.
  • wear identification and tell you who they are.

Our facilities provide:

  • deaf interpreting services.
  • information in various formats (audio tape, alternative languages, braille)
  • telephone language interpreting services

Services provided by your Primary Health Network care provider or at a Primary Health Network facility are billed by our Billing Services department. These bills are first submitted to your health coverage provider (your "health insurance company") or other payers of record for processing. If the service is covered by your plan, the bill will be paid by your coverage provider.

You will be billed for services at a Primary Health Network facility if:

  • Your plan requires that you pay for part or all of the service (commonly called "patient responsibility" or your "cost shares"). The most common forms of patient responsibility are copays, coinsurance, and deductibles.
  • Part or none of the service is covered.
  • Your coverage had ended when you received the service.
  • For questions about billing, please call (724) 342-5313 or Contact Us online.


63 Pitt Street
Sharon, PA 16146

Phone: (724) 342-3002


123 East State Street
Sharon, PA 16146

Phone: (724) 342-0126

Human Resources

62-66 East State Street
Sharon, PA 16146

Phone: (724) 704-8889

Corporate & Community Relations

63 Pitt Street
Sharon, PA 16146

Phone: (724) 342-3002

Clinical Services

63 Pitt Street
Sharon, PA 16146

Phone: (724) 342-3002

If you are a member of the news media and would like to learn more about the mission and work of the Primary Health Network or speak with a representative, please contact:

Sara Rupp — Director of Marketing
(724) 342-3002 Ext. 1547

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